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EnglishWhat's the estimate valuation of this necklace?

Antique, 1950, for evening wear, stones (unknown) that shine.

kiwi 2 weeks ago
  • Necklace
  • Valuation

Bernardo 2 weeks ago
This necklace is magnificent.
I really think that for an evening it should be the most important thing in your outfit. For this you should wear a long dress, preferably black, dark blue or red.
Good luck!
İsmail 1 week ago
500 Dolar Eder Gibi
Mert Guzey 1 week ago
500 ile 1000 dolar
İsmail 1 week ago
500 Dolar Eder Gibi
Savaş 1 week ago
This is very beautiful. Has to be worth more than 1000 dollers atleast.
Doğan sezgin 1 week ago
This is the same necklace was sold about 20 thousand to about 3 thousand dollars in Turkey
Roddi13 2 weeks ago
Sorry but I guess you can't really tell that by one picture especially if you don't know the stones. If it is from the 1950s it probably has worth just because of the age. Maybe you should try to find out what stone it is or go to a jeweler, nonetheless it looks amazing and if you got it from a family member it should also have a big emotional value to you! ;)
Sorry if I couldn't really help but this one picture and the lack of information isn't just enough especially on this platform without the knowledge of a good, trustful jeweler!
Stefan 2 weeks ago
1k dollars all iced out
Joerazor05 2 weeks ago
This is such a good necklace for wearing it look good i think it estimate price is 1k dollar or more but this neklace is looking good and
new for wearing outside
Muhammed 2 weeks ago
It's worth will be double with few years to come so I won't advise you to sell it out now.
#Still preserve it 👌
kamakazi 2 weeks ago
depends on the stones or what it's made of but it can go up to about $400 I'm sure
dee 2 weeks ago
It looks similar to the one on this site.

Maybe 225 dollars?
Bruce Stone 2 weeks ago
Probably about 1000£
kimo2 2 weeks ago
I guess about $100
szpszp 2 weeks ago
If the necklace is not white gold, the price varies between $ 50 and $ 75
Daniel 2 weeks ago
Since it's on a back date of 1950 it's worth will be about $800...since the stones still shine and will be just fit for a fashion show event putting on a milk colour dress..
Ms. DeDe 1 week ago
Between 4-5k
Karika 1 week ago
Hello..I think the ornament is of great value. Wearing it with a light blue dress and short hair is a very elegant and valuable one.
Favour 1 week ago
I believe it should be about $1000
Sunil Patil 1 week ago
Considering its age, the value could go up to $1500.00
thurs 1 week ago
It's hard to say from the picture, but it doesn't look like white gold, the stones don't look like diamonds or even zirconia. I'd say 100 dollars max.
asap 1 week ago Correct
This is very beautiful. Has to be worth more than 500 dollers atleast.
kiwi 1 week ago
I agree with you, you are probably right about 500 dollars
Rashid 1 week ago
This necklace is magnificent.
I am a jeweler and a I tell you it is impossiable to determine it's worth without proper inspetion
IliasBeri 1 week ago
Necklaces like this one where standards back in 50s. Almost every woman had one similar so i think there common things. Just for the age of it and the condition it is i would probably say that the cost will be around 25-35$. That's my opinion.
marco 1 week ago
It s just a picture and I am not an expert...anyway considering it is from 1950 and it looks in a good state, I think it could reach 4000$
vezy lazev 1 week ago
i dont think you can tell if you dont really know what the neckale is made from. You can contact a proffecional you want to know the real answer.
Megan Tullos 1 week ago
To me it looks as if it could be topaz or aquamarine. Its beautiful and in the condition its in considering the age the metal has to be precious. If i were to put a dollar amount i would say around the 5 to $6,000 range.
Bloo 1 week ago
should be around $400