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EnglishWhich coin can I affordably mine with <$1000 of equipment that will be valuable in the future? What equipment do I need?

Kaz 3 months ago

Spike 3 months ago Correct
Ethereum is always a good choice. I have a GTX 1070 that is doing really well on it: Roughly 100 dollars per month income, at the cost of a 40 dollar electricity bill. But if you're looking to buy, other options might be more interesting.

Here is a list of which GPUs are the best miners, as well as which currency they're the best at:
Kaz 3 months ago
How much $ETH is that per month roughly? Quite an exciting prospect at a cheap monthly cost if you consider 1 ETH could be worth in excess of $15K USD one day
Do mining costs increase proportionally to its value?
MUSTAFA SUPHİ AYDOĞMUŞ 3 months ago you can calculate mining from this link
Spike 3 months ago
Current estimation is 0.06241 ETH per month. But I'm doing this on the PC I also work on all day, so it varies a lot depending on how busy I am.

The cost doesn't increase, unless our energy provider decides to increase the rates. My GPU is using 140W and that doesn't change.
Kaz 2 months ago
Awesome bro, thanks for your help
Cano 2 months ago
You do not need to mine, if you have money, follow the newly released coins and take them and keep them earning better than this mine
Spike 2 months ago
I do both ;)
fatih 2 months ago
bence en iyisi DOGECOIN
Ifeanyi Mbadinuju 3 months ago

Since it's considered the most popular Bitcoin mining hardware in the world, the Antminer S9 is entirely sold out on Bitmain’s website. Fortunately, though, Bitmain released the Antminer S9i for only $499 this May. The S9i boasts a hash rate of 14 TH per second and an energy consumption of 1,320 watts, which makes it one of the most efficient Bitcoin mining hardware out there.

If you’re an intermediate or expert miner trying to make a profit, the low upfront cost and high efficiency of the Antminer S9i could offset its somewhat lofty energy costs and help you make some money.
Important in bitcoin mining software.
There are multiple Bitcoin mining software available on the market, each differing in functionality and efficiency. Some of these stand out.
Known as one of the most popular BTC mining software, CGMiner works as a multi-pool FPGA, GPU and ASIC miner. Provides comprehensive ATI GPU monitoring, fan speed support and clock support for Bitcoin and other altcoins. As one of the few software written in the C # programming language, it is optimized for speed, efficiency and compatibility on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

CGMiner features are as follows:

Configuration files
Monitoring and overclocking capabilities.
API monitoring
Different proxy mining possibilities
Support for both single and pool mining
A scalable hash rate network scheduler
Send cache support
This software is known as one of the most advanced due to its interaction with Bitcoin mining hardware. It allows users to configure ASIC and FPGA settings with commands directly from its interface.

Considered the best mining software for beginners, MultiMiner makes the mining process easier than other software. Since the idea of ​​mining Bitcoin can seem a little tricky at first, new miners prefer to start with software that is easier to use and understand.

Some nice features of MultiMiner are as follows:

Desktop application available.
Compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Multi-device migration between ASICs and FPGAs.
Multi-device compatibility with BFL / Bitforce, Block Erupter and HashBuster Micro.
With its Multicurrency feature, it switches between various cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.
Automatic hardware detection.
Remote monitoring and control of other MultiMiner rigs.
Scanning and detecting average hash power and associated mining pool.
Automatic mining challenges and profitability selection.
Estimated profits and other analytical indicators.

BFGMiner is very similar to CGMiner in terms of functionality and operation, except that it is ASIC oriented. Like CGMiner, it's written in C # in BFGMiner and can be optimized for speed and efficiency. Supports OpenWrt routers on ASIC, GPU, CPU and FPGAs.

Its outstanding features are:

Windows, Linux and Mac operating system compatibility.
Fan control and integrated overclocking. ADL device control. Free mining support with mesa / LLVM OpenCL.
Support for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the same time.
Use of pool strategies such as load balance and balance.
Multiple pools and watch pools feature on the same network.
Independent pool monitoring in different networks.
Support for using algorithms such as SHA-256 at the same time. CPU, OpenCL and Proxy support.
Algorithm assignment based on specific mining targets.
Mining algorithm control sharing.

BitMinter stands out as it can be used in mining with its own mining pool and cross-platform feature, it is also one of the oldest known. Every new user must join the pool to make it easier for them to earn more money. Since 2011, more than 400,000 users have been registered to the pool.

Unlike CGMiner and BFGMiner, BitMinter is based on Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) and does not require an installation to run. It is a cloud-based software suitable for people who are interested in mining but cannot afford expensive ASIC machines.

Major features:

Windows, Mac OS X and Linux compatibility.
ASIC, GPU and FPGA compatibility.
Ease of use and straightforward interface.
Easy ASIC hardware configuration.
Profitable payment options with 99 percent of mining revenues allocated to users.
Support for BitMinter, Block Erupter USB, Chili, Red / Blue Fury and Antminer U1 / U2.

It is an open source software update for software such as CGMiner and BFGMiner. Its main function is to provide an interface that can be directly integrated with a miner's cryptocurrency wallet.

EasyMiner offers its users the option to earn money connected to a Litecoin mining pool. It also offers a single mode where the miners can choose which pools they want to join, and allows mining for their desired currency, and they can custom set the hash algorithm selection.

The features are as follows:

Supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and other altcoins
Windows operating system compatibility
ASIC Mining hardware compatibility
Support for single and pool mining.

Awesome Miner
Awesome Miner is the most suitable software for central mining management. Unlike other mining software, it can work very well with a large number of mining rigs. Awesome Miner is mainly developed for the Windows operating system, but there is also a web interface.

The features of this software are:

Support for over 25 mining engines including CGMiner, BFGMiner, Xmrig, SBMiner and SGMiner.
SHA-256, Ethereum, X11, Scrypt and Zcash support.
Single transaction pool management.
Status and temperature monitoring from a single location on ASIC and FPGA devices.
Built-in C # script.
API access.
All Bitmain Antmin
alquad12 2 months ago
you can affordably mine PI network for free with nothing but one tap a day from your phone.
Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (alquad12) as your invitation code.