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EnglishFind me this replacement reciever under $30, including shipping.

I am looking to buy this for a client, so I came to the community.<br /> <br /> Where can I find the replacement USB for the Logitech G602 mouse? I've looked everywhere, but only Logitech sells it, and they don't ship to Australia.<br /> <br /> All the good deals on Amazon have sold out too.<br /> <br /> What I want: <br /> <br /> - The reciever for the Logitech G602<br /> - Free shipping or shipping that, when bundled with the reciever, will not cost a cent over $30.<br /> - Does not take three months to ship to Australia (optional)<br /> - Seller is a Logitech reseller or Logitech themself (Highly preferable)<br /> - Package has not been opened

Sir_Lagsalot 7 years ago

TBZ1 7 years ago
Put on it.
Sir_Lagsalot 7 years ago
Amazon doesn't ship to Aus.
TBZ1 7 years ago
Some sellers on Amazon, like D&D Gaming Corp., do.
[email protected] 7 years ago
vishal 7 years ago 1PjGPSGShc8YGGWJy391zXnV6tc5RNirJP
mobear410 7 years ago This should do the trick
Madman99 7 years ago
rookz 7 years ago :)
nAmrAh 7 years ago

They ship to australia and you will get the deal in 20$ approx.....
biggboss 7 years ago
Afro0 7 years ago
Karneybit 7 years ago
Logitech Unifying USB Receiver for Mouse MX M185 M315 M305 M325 M345 M705 M215 New


working with 6 mice and keyboards in the same time. - This receiver will work with any mouse, keyboard or any other product that displays the Unifying logo - The unifying ...

See more details at »


Free shipping
Eyeborg 7 years ago

29.99 and free shipping with amazon prime, but you can buy for 23.99 and 4.99 shipping without from another non-prime seller
donalt22 7 years ago,searchweb201602_5_10034_507_10032_10020_10001_10002_10017_10010_10005_10011_10006_10021_10003_10004_10022_10009_401_10008_10018_10019,searchweb201603_1&btsid=17a5ae3f-cbef-4b45-80ab-f36428f17ae8
derekreinhard 7 years ago Correct
US$33 Includes shipping to AUS:

Not sure how much or if they ship to AUS but it's now on the Logitec parts page for US$15:

Good Luck!
AQUAA 7 years ago
Dr. K 7 years ago

$10 with free shipping to Aus. Take 15-45 days for delivery. Sell by Feiteng, one of Logitech's vendor in Mainland China.