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EnglishAt roughly 8am UTC Elon Musk tweeted about Dogecoin. How much value was traded in order for the price to increased 50%?

What I saw from charts. It went from 1 sat to 2 sats and the market cap went from 5 to 7.5 billion dollars. Looking for Bitcoin && Euros/USDT total value traded for Dogecoin with details for February 4th 2021. Thank you.

serenity75 3 months ago
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Wihlelm-A Volk 3 months ago Correct
if you look at the start of february 4th you can see that dogecoin was roughly 0,03 to 0,04$. in 24h the price for one went up to 0,6$ so it more or less doubled.

the total value that was transacted in the last 24h was estimated to be $221.67M (source "coin metrics").

The problem with crypto is that everyone buys if one celebrity or known person buys some in hoping that it will explode like bitcoin.
serenity75 3 months ago
True, I remember the ICO crazy one celebrity painted her nails and it was a bull signal XD . So one tweet from Musk has the power to market buy roughly 220 million dollars of Dogecoin and lift the sell walls higher... Interesting. Will mark yours as correct. Thanks

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Muhammad Jahangir Ali 3 months ago
This isn't the first time his Twitter attention to Dogecoin has sent shares soaring. On December 20 a tweet in which he said, "One Word: Doge" sent the value up 20% and made it a trending topic on Twitter.
legend 3 months ago
Dodge coin might turn out to be one of the best crypto currency in the world!
serenity75 3 months ago
Alper Başkurt 2 months ago
Arz miktarı çok fazla ve halen devam ediyor cok zor btc gibi olmasi
Gbenga Adebodun 2 weeks ago
Anything is possible 💪🏽
Gbenga Adebodun 2 weeks ago
Anything is possible 💪🏽
Gbenga Adebodun 2 weeks ago
Anything is possible 💪🏽
Simone 3 months ago
Whenever Musk talks about something immediately the market follows him up
faishal amri 3 months ago
last week i see up to 300 %up. but now is down.again ..
axelkpan 2 months ago
Oui c'est vrai