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Englisheasiest way to tip on Twitter? i want to run some contests on Twitter ( ) and wondering whether there's a way to send a link from which the money can be retrieved according to individual preferences

Artemciy 3 months ago

Carol Dinger 3 months ago
Artemciy 3 months ago
Any better than the advcash "send to email" option?
To quote from advcacsh: "Even if the recipient is not registered in the system, you can still send the funds to them specifying only their email.
Within minutes, the recipient will receive a link to activate their Advanced Cash wallet which will already contain the funds you have just sent."
Mr.Trenzs 3 months ago Correct
Use sharable Link feature if you want to tip in DM
Artemciy 3 months ago
Awesome, thanks!
Mr.Trenzs 3 months ago
You are welcome!
You can DM me for any needs!
Muhammad Jahangir Ali 3 months ago
I am hereby your suggestion.
Artemciy 3 months ago
Example of a link:
Artemciy 3 months ago
I have already received it back to mysefl though D
Frank 3 months ago
Great idea
Frank 3 months ago
Rukiye 3 months ago
E posta daha mantıklı bu yol için
Ramazan 2 months ago
Хороший ответ
Artemciy 3 months ago
Looking at, seems similar to advcash. My gripes with it is that the tipped person will have to install the app, register, etc.
Bensid mehdi 3 months ago
You can use its integrated on twitter,télégramme,discord, reddit
Sens me tour user name Id from twitter i will send you sôme tips
Artemciy 3 months ago
Will check it out, thanks!
muhammed emin 3 months ago
ücretsiz olarak insanların bir hizmet alabileceği site linklerini paylaşarak yapılabilir
Dilara Engin 3 months ago
Actually you can find it real needed person with details check for giving the tip or you can do it link party 🌹
jigjidnyam 3 months ago
it is so good nice
jigjidnyam 3 months ago
it is so good nice
AmarEzedin321 2 months ago
You can use shared Link feature if you want to tip in a DM
Mr.Trenzs 3 months ago
Artemciy 3 months ago
Baris Dayar 3 months ago
Maybe these sites can help you.
alty 2 months ago
paypal... one if the most common and most trusted ways to pay.
Christina Hajj 1 month ago
Dakksh Nagpal 2 days ago
you can use PayPal.
it gives you options to send and receive using links.