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EnglishFind me this product for cheap delivered to the UK

This is an adjustable dumbbell, sometimes known as a 'selectabell'. I would like to see the cheapest listing on any site, which can be delivered to the UK within 14 days. The dumbbells should be at least 24kg max weight each.

Kaz 3 months ago

Wihlelm-A Volk 3 months ago Correct
Looking at amazon these are the cheapest

if you want cheaper you will have to get more traditional ones like these

the ones on ebay are cheaper but its ebay

This one has a sale and is cheaper for a limited amount of time
Jaimie Roy 3 months ago
Baris Dayar 3 months ago
£ 199 on eBay site and on this link
zabala 3 months ago
Lauris 3 months ago Tis is best for you what you can get . the quality and is very good i hawe this one in im happy . mabey are beter but this is good prize and good quality cheer hope you like this one:D
Igotchu 3 months ago

Cheapest I can find only 60-70 Euro, 24 kg max weight Low delivery fee
Ahmed gamal 3 months ago
Yes this is good
nanapublicbgosh 3 months ago
looks like the market price is around 199 but this one is 60 dollars shipping
muhcan 2 months ago 199 Euro e bay
baby dee 1 month ago