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EnglishLooking to find an old TV AD that used to play in TV in the 90s. Possibly about a drink

It was showing 3 guys on a subway train going every day to work where they had never exchanged a single word. Then the older guy as he watches them, stands up and says something along these lines: <<Gentlemen, my name is ... I am retiring tomorrow and would like you to know my name>>. After speaking and shaking hands with the 2 men he gets off the train. Then the other 2 younger guys introduce to one another one and start talking. If I remember correctly it was an AD about a drink. If you can find it you will earn the reward. Thank you

PANAGOT 3 months ago
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  • Ad
  • Train
  • Subway

Mr.Trenzs 3 months ago
Which drink(product) was the topic in the ad?
Which country's ad ?
PANAGOT 3 months ago
Maybe whiskey, not sure, It was showing it in Greece, but it was foreign speaking English. Most likely from the U.S
Natasha Van niekerk 3 months ago
Wow, didn't think it would be this hard! this is the best I could do for now to benifiit the search, still on it
Lupi 3 months ago
I remember you posted this one already, how long have you been looking for this ad? :D
Miss Mike 3 months ago
Suggestion: look for the old rum and coke ads. They keep recycling every 30 years or so. Especially the Puerto Rican ones.
Efendi Heyderov 3 months ago
which channel or which year
June 3 months ago
Best I could do was find a channel with commercials stemming from the 80s to early millennium. I looked through dozens of vids on the channel but nothing close to what you’re describing. Check it out and good luck. If you ever find it please update, I’m curious to see it myself.
dee 3 months ago Correct
It's a commercial for Cutty Sark.
PANAGOT 3 months ago
Yes!!! That was it. Thank you so much dee !!! Was looking it for ages !!! YouTube title year seems a bit off since I am sure it was in the 90s. Anyways thanks again !!!
dee 3 months ago
I'm glad I could help. Thank you.