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EnglishWhat power structures were disrupted in the U.S while Trump was president?

I could see there was a specific hate towards him from news media around the world since the very beginning of his presidency. Now things seem to go back to <<normal>>. Any idea?

yankieD9 1 month ago
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Alphin Jose 1 month ago
You can find every single details here
yankieD9 1 month ago
What inner circles of the US power centers where disrupted while he was in presidency? They fought him really hard since the very beginning of his presidency. Media went full force on him...
Vernon 3 weeks ago
He withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, threatened to terminate NAFTA, and slapped import tariffs on U.S. allies.
Find the full load here
Tom Lutzenberger 1 month ago
There has been an entire laundry list of issues, and this field posting is too small to cover them adequately. However, some of the big ones that will likely get reversed/revisited include:

-Formal defense relations with South Korea
-Immigration policies (just about all of them)
-The continuation or cessation of the border wall with Mexico
-The management of illegal immigrants once arrested
-COVID response policies
-Interaction of DC versus field offices of federal agencies
-Interaction with state government
-International relations with Europe/NATO/Russia
-Complete breakdown of relations with China

And the list goes on. There will likely be about 5 different books written on the topic in the next year.
yankieD9 1 month ago
I was wondering about inner power disruptions.
They fought him really hard since the very beginning and the media around the world were given a line and went full force on him..
Miss Mike 1 month ago
The one thing that he stopped was emaciation and starvation of our judicial system by leftist proponents who wanted to stopgap and completely jamb the courts. He reinstated very, very quietly under cover of his outward bombast in other directions the fleshing out of our full court systems to make a well-oiled machine work again. No one was noticing while the card game was playing. He allowed the American people to receive a breather. 🎯⌚
yankieD9 1 month ago
Left went crazy the last 4 years.
Unique 87 1 month ago
The US Constitution is the incomparable law of the United States, illustrating the design of the national government, outlining the forces of the three separate parts of government and setting up the idea of federalism, which splits power between the administrative and state governments. Article I places the forces of the assembly; Article II the presidential branch (the administration); and Article III, the legal executive.

Article II of the US Constitution counts the job, force, and impediments on the American president. It does as such in four areas, with the primary characterizing the four-year term of office, the technique for political race, the important capabilities, pay, and promise of office. The subsequent segment specifies the president's intrinsically recommended parts as president of the military and top of the different chief offices, and enables him to allow pardons (besides in the instances of prosecution), make settlements subject to the Senate's endorsement, and select adjudicators, diplomats and authorities.

The third article prohibits the president to advise Congress on the state regarding the Union, suggest strategy for their thought, and execute the laws; the fourth gives the conditions to expulsion from office.[2]

Resulting established changes reconsidered the aberrant political race systems of the president through the Electoral College (twelfth Amendment), moved the beginning and end dates of official terms (twentieth Amendment), restricted to two the occasions an individual can be chosen president (22nd Amendment), and blueprints progression method if the president bites the dust, leaves, is taken out from office, or is generally unfit to release the forces of the administration (25th Amendment).

The president, as plot by the Constitution, was to assume various parts in the American republic: president, head of state, and CEO of the national government.
ylomat 1 month ago Correct
About power structures disrupted by Trump:
- first he squeezed all GOP old patterns, where the president was expression of a recognized establishment created and accepted inside Congress / Senate (or outside, so media, industry, military ranks)
- then he dribbled some Deep State protocols, where staff members and conseilors had usually to bring the same reputation as above
- this brought to Bannon resignation, and we'll know if that event was welcome by Trump itself, that wanted a One Man show;
- he stopped TPP, Trans Pacific Agreement, strongly desired by big industries, commercial giants and financial institutions. This was the beginning of the trade war with China, again, strongly unfit for big industries, commercial giants and financial institutions;
- he tried to solve the anomaly of North Korea, a communist regime that was always politically joint to Soviet Union, obliged to become China-dependent by economic and military evolution. This choice had a huge impact, because several international balances became unstable;
- he proposed a hard solution to immigration fluxes from Central America with the Wall proposal. It had a big media relevance and many governments in the world (in Europe above all) where shocked by this "example"
Honestly, these are the only relevant power structures that were disrupted by Trump. He was completely unable to change internal economic balances, both coronavirus crisis and racial issues deepened his distance with the majority of American voters. May be it'll seem to you as an opinion, but I think this is a sum up of different positions about Trump.
yankieD9 1 month ago
Good points!
Crys 1 month ago
The structure of mutual respect between police forces and part of socity ,
and part of the respect that existed in previous period between the president and his party and rival party.
Devender Singh 1 month ago
Yeah, No one thought he will win but the relations of USA with many countries were not good during his time.
Ammar123a 1 month ago
I think boycotting WHO was the biggest mistake a
Miss Mike 1 month ago
Robin Hood has left the building.👥
Alpha Spark 1 month ago
Liberia world order was disrupted by Donald Trump
Shish23 1 month ago
No he cant found this soluption to calm the people in his state, but he now isn't an american president
myself 1 month ago
You can find every single details here
Ömer 3 weeks ago
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Ömer 3 weeks ago
Her zaman olduğu gibi amerikada bşr başkan dağıtıyor bir arkasından gelen ise dağılmış olanı topluyor özetle bu kadar