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Englishmy mum is with COVID in Sevastopol, how will I find someone to help her there?

Artemciy 1 month ago

Criss7 1 month ago
you can find people on twitter
Artemciy 1 month ago
like, with a tag?
Criss7 1 month ago
Artemciy 1 month ago
Just message random people in Twitter who appear to be in Sevastopol?
Serkan 1 month ago
you can contact the authorities
kimo2 1 month ago
call family members, mom's friends, coworkers, neighbors etc.
Vishnu 1 month ago
Use social medias to find help..Most people always in social medias
Marija 2 weeks ago
+7-800-200-34-11 is a phone number of volunteers in Sevastopol. You can contact them, if this is still actual question for you.
Miss Mike 1 month ago
Excuse me but nobody is even asking which parish of the Russian Orthodox is in her neighborhood. The closest priest and his wife and the church women's group there is there just for that reason. Also whatever city and country you are in there is a local Russian Orthodox Church that will communicate for you. Have faith in God and your national church🏰.
Artemciy 1 month ago
Interesting idea, thanks!
Jenna Fishbine 1 month ago
I'm a covid nurse in the states... If she is really sick with it as in having shortness of breath, breathing fast >20 per min or a low heartbeat <60 please take her into the hospital. Otherwise there should be home health services that can go to her house and check up on her. But if she's experiencing mild symptoms try not to have anyone go see her if it's not absolutely necessary.
Junaid 1 month ago
Just put it in your story on fb and whatsapp and alongwith go through some pages and groups on fb and ask help peoples nearby you can also put a post on it tagging up your location
Umair ahsan 1 month ago
click on this link it must helps you alot ......
Frederico Mirco 1 month ago
you can contact the authorities
Tom Lutzenberger 1 month ago
This info might be helpful. Looks like there isn't really an organized response there due to various areas under occupation.
Baris Dayar 1 month ago Correct
You can use the Facebook help groups
RONISH SHEORAN 1 month ago
u can use facebook or contact the authorities or write a letter to nearest building in which your mom is residing