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On the platform share an idea that matches the following criteria: - You came up with it yourself - It doesn't already exist in the proposed form - It's a new or significantly improved way of doing something Obviously, post only open-source ideas you don't mind sharing with the world. Here are some examples: After posting on the platform, link the URL to your idea here. The coolest idea gets the prize.

Nikola Otasevic 3 months ago
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thewelat7 3 months ago
A map located in the shopping cart of a supermarket in Sweden and showing the aisles of the grocery store. In this way, you do not have to save time and travel for minutes for a single product. and it needs to spread around the world
I am a student I need this award thank you ❤
thewelat7 3 months ago
Telephones that can be recharged with solar energy 👍
Toxic 3 months ago
hello I am toxic. carbon dioxide which is spread around the air due to it global warming increases. we can convert that carbon dioxide into oxygen if it happens it helps to our environment and also to us. Thanking you.
Liam 3 months ago
Voice Controlled Home Panel 😎
Liam 3 months ago
And Yeah I Used A Session, Because I Want To Share To The World.
Nikola Otasevic 3 months ago
Sorry but our moderators are pretty strict about proper categories. Ideas and sessions are not the same things. Here are some tips on how to properly structure a brainstorming session and here are some tips regarding what qualifies as an idea
Liam 3 months ago
Ok, I Will Redo It As An Idea.
ylomat 3 months ago
Why a 24 hours day? Will our society be less anxious if we establish a 10 hours day? Number of hours is a human standard, while day follows nature. We have seriously to reflect about this. We need something more similar to our breath, our biological rhythms
Liam 3 months ago
I Don't Like That Idea :(
ylomat 3 months ago
Thanks, this is brainstorming. Why?
ylomat 3 months ago
My idea here
ahm 3 months ago
Luigi 3 months ago
Vincent van Wyk 3 months ago
Nikola Otasevic 3 months ago
It sounds cool but it was posted as a brainstorming session rather than an idea. Could you re-submit as an idea?
Vincent van Wyk 3 months ago
For sure, I am on it now :)
Vincent van Wyk 3 months ago Correct
Here is the idea :)
ylomat 3 months ago
I like this. I have the same issue, impossibile to verify email, I tried with 3 different mail addresses
Nikola Otasevic 2 months ago
Do you mean the email verification system on the platform was not working right?
ylomat 2 months ago
I think so
Mohan 1 month ago
Jufrizan Bin Sanusi 3 months ago
we live in digital world and why still using the fiat money, we need to move on to the next step
Ali 3 months ago
Automatic disinfection robot to fight corona
Aly 3 months ago
Nikola Otasevic 3 months ago
Hi Aly. Thank you for the contribution. You miss posted it as an idea, but it's more of a question. Even if you posted it as a brainstorming session, it wouldn't be brainstormable since the answers are readily available via google using the search string "origin of the word stop" for example. Here are some thoughts on what makes an idea worth sharing:
Aly 3 months ago
Sorry, I know I'm dumb sorry. I just need money for my university, My family cant even afford 1 BTC, even 10$ would help, I wanted anyway to get money for my family and my self. Sorry again
Aly 3 months ago
But the prize is for who got the better idea, that was my last chance, Im not getting ready to sit in street ask people for a penny. Thanks for everything.
Aly 3 months ago
Im getting ready*
Roland 3 months ago
An idea (idk if its been made yet), a mirror that works like a phone but at the same time its still a mirror. Its a funny idea that I came up with lol
anan shahrour 3 months ago
Phones charged with the human pulse
Elxan 3 months ago
Enthma 3 months ago
Telephones that can be recharged with solar energy
Eren Baris 3 months ago
My idea here
Chidi Anyanwu 2 months ago
An app that's connected to your local supermarket that's notified when your nearly out of an item then they send it to you with a delivery service. Mainly for essentials, like milk, coffee etc.
Chidi Anyanwu 2 months ago
An app that's connected to your local supermarket that's notified when your nearly out of an item then they send it to you with a delivery service. Mainly for essentials, like milk, coffee etc.
Ali 2 months ago
Sell milk with online app like foodpanda
Add milkman in the app and get the rating about best milk from milkman from customers to make run better your app
sindhu sn 2 months ago
Here's my idea:
Robayed Mahmud Rohan 2 months ago
The more Methane there is the better the natural gas is. If one can can capture the carbon die oxaid after using the natural gas , one can use the carbon die oxide to make methane again . The problem is how you can get the carbon die oxide after using natural gas.
Da boss 2 months ago
This is a family of three whereby the father makes sure his child is in good condition
Sinistr23 2 months ago
Dapp for cellphones what will be possible according QR code detect origin of products, complete information about the producer(bad even good things), carboon foot prin of the product, etc + people get rewards(coins for example) for adding relevant information to the network about products/producers
Eslam 2 months ago
My idea about customer care
Any company or organisation can make small app available for all customers to install on their phones then customer will deal with service directly to bye or sell ....etc.
I hope to help
Eslam 2 months ago
If customer has any problems with product will fill in app, that will make help easier
Wajid Ali 2 months ago
Woman saftey system
Women’s safety is a big concern which has been the most important topic till date. Women safety matters a lot whether at home, outside the home or working place. Few crimes against ladies particularly rape cases were terribly dread and fearful. Most of the women of various ages, till this day are being subjected to violence, domestic abuse, and rape. As ladies ought to travel late night generally, it’s necessary to remain alert and safe. Although the government is taking necessary measures for their safety, still, there are free safety apps for women that can help them to stay safe. Most of the females these days carry their smartphone with them, so it is necessary to have at least one the personal safety apps installed. Such a security app for ladies will definitely facilitate in a way or the opposite. This is user-friendly application that can be accessed by anyone who has installed it in their smart phones. Our intention is to provide you with fastest and simplest way to contact your nearest help. In this system user needs to feed three contact numbers, in case of emergency on moving the phone up and down thrice, the system sends SMS and calls on one of the numbers feeded into the system with the location. The phone starts vibrating and siren starts ringing. This features for both everyday safety and real emergencies, making it an ultimate tool for all.
Igotchu 2 months ago
How about this make an rechargeable battery their you can charge your cp, but you might ask "sir igotchu where's the innovation" so get this it's a battery/generator powered by kinetic energy for example you need to charge your battery/generator? you just need to rotate the handle (handle like jack in a box) then from that you can recharge the generator, "but sir igotchu is it practical to use power bank than your device?" HAHAHA power bank will ultimately drain out so what would you do after that? charge it? what if you in deserted island or your electricity run out? right?
Miss Mike 2 months ago
The app idea presented by Wajid Ali is very apt and a very handy idea especially for widows and elderly women without protective family and guardians them. If a woman can have that small protection as well as a good spray she feel a lot better especially any children under care. This a top idea.😷
Victor 2 months ago
Telephones that can be recharged with solar energy
Victor 2 months ago
hello I am toxic. carbon dioxide which is spread around the air due to it global warming increases. we can convert that carbon dioxide into oxygen if it happens it helps to our environment and also to us. Thanking you
Preechayut 2 months ago
Maps with travelling range based on vehicle current situation such as current remaining gas, average consumption. Also give information of restaurant / dining / gas station during travelling
Reza 2 months ago
Establishing a solar panel farm in each area and supplying the energy needed by the people of that area for free or receiving a very low cost from the people and selling extra energy to the people of other area.
The second idea:
Each person installs a solar panel on the roof of his house and in addition to providing the energy he needs, he can sell the rest of the energy (of course, a series of wiring must be done)
chadi 2 months ago
In my experience I say
we live in digital world and why still using the fiat money, we need to move on to the next step
Emmanuel 2 months ago
How about installing a form of magnetic field by our road networks to prevent vehicle from accident. This could also be installed on the rear sides to avoid collision.
The magnetic field could be controlled by a network of sensors to create the needed pole when either a repulsion or attraction will be needed to prevent the accident as the case may be.
Emmanuel 2 months ago
This definitely will reduce if not totally eliminate death due to vehicular accident. Thank you.
Rodrigo Francisco da Cruz 2 months ago
The idea of ​​everyone being equal for the day only in all aspects. rs
Johndy Lavina 2 months ago
This was supposed to be our app last year but because of the pandemic, we decided to let go of it. Maybe some people here wants to make this idea a great app one of these days:
Ezekiel Ifebhor 2 months ago
prescribing a diet as a prevention factor, especially for a population that is as vast as the elderly one.
Also having a brilliant side effect which is acknowledging the importance and relevance of nutrition for the health condition.
trevaughn hamilton 2 months ago
Anu Savithri 2 months ago
Elephant can’t jump
Niraj 2 months ago
the earth is flat.. believe in god or it is round.. belive humans..... research about it
Wasabi 2 months ago
An accessory can be designed to send a signal to the nearest security unit for women exposed to violence. For example, a ring or a different piece of jewelry. Working principles may vary depending on the accessory.
Nikola Otasevic 2 months ago
This is a pretty cool idea. You should post it on the platform
Wasabi 2 months ago
Thank you my friend
Aravind S 2 months ago
Ali 2 months ago
Writing on a board that is visible and visible on both sides that teachers can write on the board in front of the classroom and the teacher while writing can take the class
Unique 87 2 months ago
Conceptualizing is a gathering innovativeness strategy by which endeavors are made to discover a determination for a particular issue by social occasion a rundown of thoughts suddenly contributed by its individuals.

All in all, conceptualizing is where a gathering of individuals meets to produce novel thoughts and arrangements around a particular area of interest by eliminating hindrances. Individuals can think all the more uninhibitedly and they propose whatever number unconstrained groundbreaking thoughts as could be expected under the circumstances. All the thoughts are noted down without analysis and after the meeting to generate new ideas, the thoughts are assessed.
Nikola Otasevic 2 months ago
How does this quality for what the description on top of this page asks for?
Ibrahim Majd 2 months ago
Microbial fuel cells

Researchers at the University of Bath have succeeded in designing a small "microbial fuel cell" that can extract electricity from the bacteria in urine.

- Despite its strangeness, it can be implemented in homes to overcome the so-called "energy triple dilemma", which is the need for alternative fuel sources that are safe, available, and environmentally friendly at the same time.

The amount of energy in this model is not trivial, given that a small cell of fuel cells is able to generate enough power for a small electronic device.
asribas 2 months ago
cars that can shrink in size
Obiajulu Chisom Kingsley 2 months ago
Close your eyes and visualize this. You are on the couch seeing a movie with your spouse and he then makes a swipe on the air for the Tv channel to change , and you swipe back your hand on the air to return to previous movies. Because your smart Tv supports “hologram technology “ that can allow you gain access to your home appliances and gadgets without stress. Boom! You get to a stress-less life in just a single swipe in the Air.
Esyraff 2 months ago
Freeze back some ocean area to rebalance. The water sea level
Ginaly Pico 2 months ago
The enhanced greenhouse effect has been linked to increased GHG emissions from human activities.
Yusuf 2 months ago
I want to develop carbon capture technology and develop a cheaper system because carbon fossil fuels and factories are concentrated and I believe that algae can be developed as a low cost and carbon capture technology to fix it and disrupt the ecosystem.
Martin Kormoczi 2 months ago
Having the ability to see your ammo count, balance, gps map with visual optics tool through glasses or eye implant
nima 2 months ago
make unlimited electricity with magnets and an Armature or a fan ! like this videos in the links below
murat 2 months ago
Refrigerator that can automatically turn itself off when it is open for a long time
KUFREABASI UMOH 2 months ago
Religion would be better defined as one trying to meet God's standard which obviously is not possible,but the idea here is that Divinity has come to meet the humanity [ one of a lesser privilege].
Viraj 2 months ago
Viraj 2 months ago
This sounds like a new invention.. Most of the people or students who study or do auditions need a sound proof place to do their work successfully.. So that it would be easy to use a sound proof place or a room etc. But this isn't something like that. This should be a transparent covering which can be used around a single person where ever he/she goes and can stay peacefully without the outside noises and continue works successfully. May be reading a book etc.
nanapublicbgosh 2 months ago
This has been my observations of growing citrus plants from seed
Heeltemaal 2 months ago
Cool uhm a phone with eye recongnisition\
proudpanda 2 months ago
proudpanda 2 months ago
When at a certain age, and have a choice to plant even more than one tree.
And given some sort of souvenir/badge of honour. It would drastically bring down global warming and give everyone a sense of participation.
Vishal 2 months ago
Just checking if the idea is worth "the Bitcoin" :p