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EnglishWhere Meghan Markle got this dress?

Please identify it for me. Thank you

kiwi 3 months ago
  • Dress
  • Fashion

Tabitha Van den Bergh 3 months ago Correct

You can buy the short-sleeved version (dress called Roland Mouret dress) here:

Hope this helps!
kiwi 3 months ago
It did, thank you so much !!! Reward is yours.
Ruth 3 months ago
You can check it
kkq33 3 months ago there you go.
Liam 3 months ago
She Gets All Of Her Fashion Here:
Hazel Smith 3 months ago
Looks like Saks Fifth Avenue - see link - reduced to a quarter of original price too!
Hazel Smith 3 months ago
and direct but in pink only
kimo2 3 months ago
Roland Mouret Clover Dress
Ronise Parks 3 months ago
Saks Fifth Avenue, dress called Roland Mouret Grey 'Clover' off the shoulder wool sheath Dress on sale $625.49usd
Simeon Wakama 3 months ago
No idea
U can check Amazon