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EnglishWhat was the name of these skate board figure toys?

I remember they were really popular in the 90's.

PANAGOT 3 months ago
  • Toys
  • Figure
  • 90S

thewelat7 3 months ago this site will give you an idea 👍
ayhan677 3 months ago
Crazy Eights
jasenr 3 months ago
-Mattel skateboard gang
-skate board smack-ups
Circa 1986
kimo2 3 months ago Correct
Kenner Savage Mondo Blitzers
PANAGOT 3 months ago
Thanks kimo2 !
Kristal 3 months ago
Savage Mondo Blitzers
dee 3 months ago
Skateboard Gang
dee 3 months ago
Actually, they do look like Savage Mondo Blitzers.
Stelio 3 months ago
they are manual toys that in the past for children of that time were a privilege to have a toy of the kind and it was difficult to have access
Elxan 3 months ago
Savage Mondo Blitzers
heter143 3 months ago
The skateboard gang