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EnglishWant to buy Apple Watch Sport in the UK for less than £250.

Looking only for brand new. Not used or refurbished.<br /> <br /> Item specifics:<br /> Storage Capacity: 8GB<br /> Model: Watch Sport<br /> Case Size: 38mm <br /> Case Material: Aluminum<br /> <br /> On your answer, please provide the price along with the link.<br /> <br /> Thank you.

btcmate 7 years ago
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TBZ1 7 years ago Correct £224.99 "like new" item says in the description that it's brand new, otherwise £249 from Amazon actual

The numbers following each eBay URL are opening or current bids at the time of copy-paste £72 £125.00 £159.00 £200.00 £200.00 £230.00 £200.00 £101.01
btcmate 7 years ago
brand new is better than like new. Thanks for the links
[email protected] 7 years ago