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EnglishEstimated value on this gilded "lamp" vase ?

About 30 height 15 width. Looking for a closest item for best approximation possible

kiwi 1 week ago
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Jeroen Van Hecke 1 week ago Correct
Such a glass "vase" (or carafe) usually comes with matching drinking glasses.
The carafe itself; I would estimate for about 230USD
kiwi 1 week ago
Yes, it does come along with some glasses. It has 6 I think... 200USD isn't bad if I managed to get that amount.
Kerem 2 days ago
the value of this vase is 300 USD
If there is no fault of course :)
ayush 1 week ago
It seems to be in great condition and great design may be its 200 usd
You may find it about 250 USD.
Tammy Pennington 1 week ago
Beautiful vase approx $875
thewelat7 1 week ago this site will give you an idea for the price 👍
Martin Kormoczi 1 week ago
A grand of buck would worth it's wallet
ap0x 1 week ago
About 300 USD
kimo2 1 week ago
kiwi 1 week ago
Very similar... additional links don't work on ebay/amazon. To have a further inspection.
TB 1 week ago
it is in very good condition. its probably worth somewhere around 200-300 USD.
Hope this helps.
Dave 1 week ago
Unfortunately, there are a lot of high estimates here. The value is about 55USD. It may be slightly unique in shape, and yes, though an early 1900's piece, it was a very popular style, especially in western Europe. That being said, depending on the buyer, you may be able to sell for 100-150USD or higher as an art piece, rather than an antique.
kiwi 1 week ago
Seems so, Jeroen Van Hecke correctly mentioned the matching drinking glasses so it is likely that it can go even higher.
phillip shin 1 week ago
id say 40 bucks or so. the genie inside it might be worth more
Yasiel 1 week ago
Puede estar valorada en 500€ por ser una pieza antigua con incrustaciones doradas
Ellaiza 1 week ago
kiwi 1 week ago
where did you get the .38 :D ?
Fatih 1 week ago
Tahmin 160 USD güzel koleksiyon parçası
xrepi 1 week ago
that vitage glass , its worth 50-80 trust me u can find many in amazon or ebay
Domenico 1 week ago
It could have a price similar to mine vase, around 300 $
Mithlesh Dhar 1 week ago
I think it should be around 50 USD for a normal vase. But if it is made of some precious metal, then price can be more that 1000 USD as well.