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EnglishIs this toy car a rare collectible?

If, yes where is it from and estimated value. Appears to be in good condition. Thanks

PANAGOT 2 weeks ago
  • Toy
  • Car
  • Collectible
  • Racing

thewelat7 2 weeks ago Correct this will give you an idea 👍
PANAGOT 2 weeks ago
Nice, so it seems that it is worth something for a collector's item. Thanks for the tip.
ylomat 2 weeks ago
The model represents an endurance car of '70s. I don't see any sticker or symbol of car procuder (example: renault, ferrari, ecc), and so I think it's very hard this is a collectible. If you're so kind to read below the car and report all data, it'll be easier.
Ngybeetle 2 weeks ago
can you upload the bottom of the car I collected this car already yes it a rare car I just need to see the bottom of it then I can really tell you about it
Don Ranalli 2 weeks ago
I would check ebay and find similar and any comps you can find as well a find a niche marketplace where people interested in these types of collectibles gather
Queen Ezeigbo 2 weeks ago

You can get it on ebay for Approx.EUR 217.85