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EnglishWhat kind of services are missing from Bitcoin Cash?

Looking for suggestions that I could pass it on to people that I know. Best tip given, will earn the reward. Thanks

serenity75 2 weeks ago
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Gracious Interests 2 weeks ago
Cross-blockchain exchange.

Basically further development and up-taking within DeFi eco-systems.
I do believe many are focusing on Bitcoin and its availability in DeFi whereas, sadly enough, Bitcoin Cash remains on the backseat.
serenity75 2 weeks ago
Yeah, DEFI is getting a lot of tractions...
Crystal Davis 2 weeks ago
A way to use the cash app
serenity75 2 weeks ago
Meaning it isn't integrated?
Miss Mike 2 weeks ago
The more expensive bitcoin gets 1.;the functionalibility will become less for the fractional user's needs. 2.; the more it will advertise itself as more as a coin in a downloaded 'wallet' wether in the cruiseship industry, the casino winnings industry or simply as an online fractional buying ability. That what it seems to building into. Don't you think so?
serenity75 2 weeks ago
BCH are practically free to send, sub penny tx fees.
xavier 2 weeks ago
easy trasfers no hassles...
zhesto 2 weeks ago Correct
- DEX (but close - see , )
- NFT (but close, SLP based)
- FIO protocol friendly names, but have partial support -
- browser based wallet, similar to Metamask - Badger is already too old and not very well supported
serenity75 2 weeks ago
Nice suggestions, like them
Jonathan Silverblood 2 weeks ago
- Easy to use subscription payments / recurring payments.
- Payment terminal designed for the needs of grocery payments in supermarkets.
serenity75 2 weeks ago
-1 is definitely needed. -2 more time will be needed for the average joe/customer in the supermarkets to become familiar with crypto payments.
Jester Mumba 2 weeks ago
Paying school fees in universities, colleges even high schools.
serenity75 2 weeks ago
That's on them to accept it.
Sarahiko 2 weeks ago
Secure dedicated wallet for every platform, now that btc is offered is ebay and other online big business i think its time for BCH to break out from the shadow and create its own legacy.
Tom Lutzenberger 2 weeks ago
Bitcoin Cash should have its own miner's fee. It's ridiculous that I need to pay some astronomical ETH miner's fee just to move a few dollars of Bitcoin Cash around between wallets.
serenity75 2 weeks ago
BCH fees are less than a penny...
Dommie 2 weeks ago
I don't know, seems like a question i don't know the answer too
Jack Ryan 2 weeks ago
bitcoin cash is basically a good currency, a currency that comes out after the fork of bitcoin, although it is seen as a good investment tool, it must meet their cash needs as the name suggests. People should now provide this cash need with bitcoin cash. Cards such as credit cards are provided from everywhere thanks to bitcoin cash. It can be seen as another cash money tool by being recognized by the states where shopping can be made, cold wallets will help people here, these cold wallets should be opened to shopping and bitcoin cash should be valued The more bitcoin cash enters our lives, the more its value will increase, as a result, the demand will increase and as a result the supply will increase and the serious demand will cause upward movements for bitcoin cash, thus bitcoin cash will increase its price 10x-20x.
it is perfect to me
Jeroen Van Hecke 1 week ago
The large fluctuations in Bitcoin's rate make it unattractive to the average man.
A system/authority to smooth out the course so that it becomes more transparent for everyone. For example, an organization that sets a price on a daily basis.
The risk in profit or loss for the organization lies in the detailed prediction of the effective price in relation to the daily price.

Ultimately, the common man can then trade with some sort of Bitcion-avarage-coin (or a fraction of it)
Martin Kormoczi 1 week ago
Staking it's letting you earn passively
TB 1 week ago
Cross blockchain exchange
Ninai Ali 1 week ago
More variety for swapping , to be available more on platforms for swapping into cash
Alzain Jacobs 1 week ago
Better security and better conditions for the miners.
Muratcan 1 week ago
mzcrussell 1 week ago
btc transection fees is high and its very high for the people who has little amount of satioshi.
Jessica Nwaneri 1 week ago
Can we just have a Bitcoin bank where you can directly exchange your Bitcoin for cash without going through any other middleman
nick 1 week ago
If you prefer different exchanges like Bittrex, you can only buy Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin, Ether or Tether.
hela 1 week ago
A service to buy gold using bitcoin cash
mustafa 1 week ago
Easy to use subscription payments / recurring payments.
- Payment terminal designed for the needs of grocery payments in supermarkets.
Robayed Mahmud Rohan 1 week ago
There are a lot apps that gives free BCH but the amount is little so it would be better to make some apps that gives one free BCH like bling is giving free btc for playing games
James Thomas 1 week ago
I like the functionality of the debit cards that Coinbase and the other wallets are starting to use. these will make it much easier for the common person to start using BTC on a regular basis.