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EnglishLooking for an expert to estimate the value of this

Porcelain. 40x30 Origin:United States.

kiwi 2 weeks ago
  • Porcelain
  • House
  • Decor

thewelat7 2 weeks ago Correct you can look from here
Jack Ryan 2 weeks ago

You can make a price prediction by looking at similar ones from these 2 sites. I think it's worth 400 or 500 dollars.
marco precilla 2 weeks ago
1850s to 1900s price 500 to 1000 usd.
kimo2 2 weeks ago
A tureen like this was sold at online auction:
it seems the starting price was $10
kimo2 2 weeks ago
on average, the sale price of similar tureens is 30 - 70 usd
kiwi 2 weeks ago
Seems like yours is the closest design so far...
hova 2 weeks ago
based on its country of origin and its historical an estimate would probably be at 500usd
DBLOCK 2 weeks ago
Approximately $50 USD
Tom Lutzenberger 2 weeks ago
I found the same thing as thewelat7, running at about $140. However, that's for an aftermarket remake. If yours is an original, it's likely worth 5 to 10 times as much due to original status. However, this is not the rarest item to have. It's interesting, and in the right market collectors might want it, but you'll spend a lot of time trying to find them unless you're already established in the antique market.
kiwi 2 weeks ago
Hi, same like KIMO. Seems like it got a nice price
thewelat7 2 weeks ago
please mark me correctly
kiwi 2 weeks ago
Hi, didn't see it at first, since your your link was a bit general when I first look on your answer then Tom specified it. So about $140.. Sounds good. Thanks
thewelat7 2 weeks ago
I found the site closest to the first body
Buddhika Karunarathna 2 weeks ago
Before purchase, heave to check whether the item is authentic or fake. there are many fake products available on e bay and sold as authentic products. Please verify the authenticity of the product by asking few questions on product and if possible, ask the seller to produce invoice of purchase or any objective avidence.
jpmarcoleta 2 weeks ago
here this people are very good to valuate this stuff:

contact them and ask them.

have a nice day.