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EnglishWhere should we advertise our project?

We starting a cryptocurrency, called Spartan, its a brand new concept, with a role-play, NFT and only 300 tokens as total supply, our website: We would like to know where should we advertise it? Thank you

Spartan 3 weeks ago

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Schwarzmarkt 3 weeks ago
Twitter, Youtube channel
thaís 3 weeks ago
you can put ads on youtube directed to people who search about altcoins
Eyüp 2 weeks ago
Karel 3 weeks ago
I highly recommend use google webtools, bing and yandex, even for free !
jemuel lancinibre 3 weeks ago
you can put ads on youtube, facebook, and googles ads
Aarka 3 weeks ago
Twitter and sec Google
lll 3 weeks ago
Twitter crypto pages , Crypto forums , also Google ads and Youtube ads
thewelat7 3 weeks ago
Google Ads (Adwords)
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nagarjun 3 weeks ago
try to get in touch with an influencer in your field of work who has a lot of people who will follow him/her and they can help you to promote your content along with their video.
thewelat7 3 weeks ago
Social media ads
Along with AdWords, one of the most used advertising methods is social media ads. Companies conduct advertisements on different social networks to promote their brands and products. Of course, social networks have also developed different advertising models due to this situation. It offers companies many promotional alternatives with these advertising models.
thewelat7 3 weeks ago
Facebook ads
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thewelat7 3 weeks ago
Instagram ads
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Fox 3 weeks ago
Perhaps the most much of the time utilized computerized promoting strategies by internet business and different organizations working together on the web is Google Ads, otherwise called Adwords. You don't need to offer online to exploit AdWords advertisements. On the off chance that you have a page, you can likewise make AdWords publicizing efforts to expand your traffic here or to build the correspondence of buyers with you. Thusly, purchasers can straightforwardly arrive at your contact addresses with these promotions.

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thewelat7 3 weeks ago
Instagram ads
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thewelat7 3 weeks ago
Youtube ads
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Aaron Mckenezie 3 weeks ago
As a fellow developer of software, I believe that it would be very beneficial to get your cryptocurrency onto social media platforms and such as Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Patreon, and many more. Your introduction to the coin is very important so you won't spread it to as many people as you can. You could also pay for some cheap affordable google ads so your website can get clicks and be visited. Just a couple of idea make sure if you do decide to advertise you should definitely get your links shortened
thewelat7 3 weeks ago
Twitter ads
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thewelat7 3 weeks ago
Linkedin ads
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Johnny 3 weeks ago
If you get active on Telegram you will find it very usefull along with the other,facebook,twitter,instagram, tiktok.
Jimhalliday Iyeowuna 3 weeks ago
Twitter has the highest social media influence not to talk of the the influencers. Anything you post there is goes viral all you have to look for an influencer that is creative and then watch how Spartan will grow
Jimhalliday Iyeowuna 3 weeks ago
Twitter has the highest social media influence not to talk of the the influencers. Anything you post there is goes viral all you have to look for an influencer that is creative and then watch how Spartan will grow
Erhan Bozkurt 3 weeks ago
Twitter, Instagram and telegram
barish98 3 weeks ago
coinitiply its a website for earning but you can advertise there too with alittle bit cryptos it will be good for you . then you can teach about your coin in youtube
but another way you can give offers such referal points for inviting buyin trading and using you new coin
Festus godswill 3 weeks ago
You can put ads on youtube or twitter
kumar dass 3 weeks ago
YouTube, Instagram, Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , tv , radio
Divine 3 weeks ago
Facebook,tiktok, Twitter,yahoo mail home page.
rabia 3 weeks ago
You should definitely advertise on Youtube and Instagram. You can influence your viewers by carefully advertising your videos
brianna hickerson 3 weeks ago
Any of these websites, linked in, facebook, googleplaystore, quora, instagram and twitter
Fuad Ramses 3 weeks ago
Comic con, dark net, role playing game conventions. Knowing your audience for role play, dark net for its “edgy-ness” (not its illegality)
DIa 3 weeks ago
facebook ads, google, twitter, and youtube
Miss Mike 3 weeks ago
Instead of using all this international media why don't find your own local people/companies in your local area and give a headstart to your own neighbors. This really needs to revive local economies and especially local businesses first. So many small towns could use the renewal and regeneration.
Justice 3 weeks ago
YouTube and Facebook will be a good place
Josh 3 weeks ago
Well you have your obvious media platforms but also im thinking of those ads you see when you download free games to your phone through the app store.
Bonnex Gonaulinji 3 weeks ago
On social media like Instagram,twitter or use LinkedIn
Instagram ads
jpmarcoleta 3 weeks ago
Hi, i recomend you this bitcoin comunity:
They are very active with proyects.
An other very good alternative is Telegram.

Thanks a lot.
Mellissa Moquin 3 weeks ago
Ads in games. And on fb, instagram, twitter, everywhere?
Efe 3 weeks ago
Youtbe da google ads sayesinde reklam yapabilursiniz
It would be better if you connect with the wallet or exchanges. India is going big on crpto investment these days. connect with coinswithkuber or coindcx or wazirx. You will give visibility to lot of audiences. Other option is connect with the youtube influencers . The best these days which will give you huge visibility is technical guruji( for India) and simillary there are many world wide.
Muhammed eren 3 weeks ago
Bir oyun şirketiyle anlaşın ve oyuna para yüklerken sizin kripto paranızla da yükleyebilsinler o zaman oyuncular içinde paylaşılır ve yaygınlaşılır
Muhammed eren 3 weeks ago
Bir oyun şirketiyle anlaşın ve oyuna para yüklerken sizin kripto paranızla da yükleyebilsinler o zaman oyuncular içinde paylaşılır ve yaygınlaşılır
Alex kiguru karanja 3 weeks ago
I highly recommend facebook
Mohamed Elsharkawy 3 weeks ago
Facebook Adds are better and dirrected to the targeted audiance who are intrested in Bitcoins
Ömer Altınay 3 weeks ago
Facebook,twitter,instagram and google adversite.
Sam B. 3 weeks ago
You should advise on crypto forums, google ads, but also Instagram that is powerful today
Elisa 3 weeks ago
I would recommend to try reddit or cryptocurrency forums where you can find more people that might interested in your project. Facebook and google, no because actually it is kinda forbidden to talk about crypto there.
Folarin Biola 3 weeks ago
depending on your funds, you can use a paid adverts, we have millions of people on Youtube searching for cryptocurrency everyday, so creating awareness on Youtube will go to, and other social media
Abhishek Sharma 3 weeks ago
You can put ads on YouTube also you should contact with people who had millions subscriber if he promote your product on his channel and he can request to his subscribers to use your product once
Halil İbrahim Bardakcı 3 weeks ago
You can advertise on platforms of the appropriate category.
Iwobi Emerald 3 weeks ago
Pinterest and Youtube
emre 3 weeks ago
paribu iyi bir reklam aracı olacaktır sizin için
Emre Şahiner 3 weeks ago
If you get active on Telegram you will find it very usefull along with the other,facebook,twitter,instagram, tiktok.
Gilson Pereira de Oliveira 3 weeks ago
Philip Saidely 3 weeks ago
crypto influencers on Twitter, Youtube ad on crypto channels
gulay 3 weeks ago
Try to use crypto forums.
Shania McClatchie 3 weeks ago
You can advertise via Facebook and you tube also by using billboards.
Selçuk Bayraktar 3 weeks ago
should be agreed with, the world's largest exchange.
Anandajothy 3 weeks ago
You can post ads on websites using google ads
Abdullah Zia 3 weeks ago
The easiest way is to approach for adwork or similar type of medium where you will find professional CPA and SMM freelancer who will help you promoting your website. :)
marco precilla 2 weeks ago
The ideal would be: online games, youtube (trailers), Instagram and facebook
NAYEEM AHMAD 2 weeks ago
through google ads and social media
mandharsh38 2 weeks ago
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ad objectives

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As with your site and any offline presence, over time some users will naturally become less interested in interacting with you.
Kemuel Emmanuel 2 weeks ago
Google ads, twitter ads. Also create an airdrop and share via social media platforms with mandate of a minimum of 5 referrals to access funds
özhan 2 weeks ago
kripto reklamı vermek için en uygun yer telegramdır, telegramdan airdrop oluşturabilir veya reklam verilebilir çünkü bitcoin kullanıcılarının %70'i telegramdan takip ediyor.
hova 2 weeks ago
Google ads
Facebook Ads
Reddit forums
and sites like with less ''carbon'' data traffic but also has service for a common good and an extension too for the chrome browser.
DBLOCK 2 weeks ago
Best option is Google Ads
tullio 2 weeks ago
facebook, insta, twitter, coltinply
Zhiela Alcantara 2 weeks ago
social media platforms that are famous such as Google ads, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.
Oguta Tochukwu 2 weeks ago
Telegram, facebook and instagram
Charles 2 weeks ago
I would advice you to advertise it on
1. BTC CLICK BOT- has many people who earn bitcoin by visiting sites and other activities like messaging bots and joining groups. But for your case they will visit your site when you advertise it there.
2. ZEC CLICK BOT- has people who earn zec coins by visiting sites therefore people will visit your site when you advertise it with them.

3. Mellowads- it is a site where you advertise your site and people will earn bitcoins by clicking on your link and will thus have visited your site.
3. BTC CLICK BOT- the telegram bot has people who earn bitcoin by visiting sites and thus when you advertise with them people will visit your site
Other places include creating facebook ads, google ads or youtube ads
Yadu 2 weeks ago
I recommend you to create a facebook or Twitter account and give information about it...Hope you can do it:)
Noah 2 weeks ago
Tictoc all the young people are on it
Oran 2 weeks ago
Hi, you need to see this video is a very good for cryptoproyect and you have more posibility in the details video, telegram contact ,e-mail contact etc. Look this video and take contact.
Halil mavuk 2 weeks ago
Instagram YouTube film sitelerinde
ash.... 2 weeks ago
Facebook and google ads
Abhishek 2 weeks ago
twiter, youtube, instagram, and tiktok
Coconuticecream 2 weeks ago
Google ada, YouTube videos, Facebook and I also recommend creating an Instagram page for it.
Racheal 2 weeks ago
EVERY social media platform and get a weekly email sent out including links to your website so it saves the user time and money from having to search for you. Try and also get friends and family to share with their contacts on social media platforms or by word of mouth for a small incentive. Everyone loves freebies :)
Rafael 2 weeks ago
If you have a YouTube channel, I advise you to advertise on the channel. since the project will be popular among young people, first of all, you need to use instagram, facebook, tik tok and any online resources. Although your question is already a kind of advertisement)
Jalil 2 weeks ago
Google adds. com is the number one best platform for advertisement of bussiness. I think u should do it there.
James 2 weeks ago
Create a Discord channel.
Muhammed Ersan 2 weeks ago
Twitter kripto sayfaları, Crypto forumları, ayrıca Google reklamları ve Youtube reklamları
Niema shaddad 2 weeks ago
Use adds in different social media Facebook Twitter and youtube etc..
Adlin 2 weeks ago
Facebook or Instagram
ibrahimmaliki 2 weeks ago
on its very responsive
Salvatore 2 weeks ago
Promuoverlo su you tube e poi su google
Entrare nelle piattaforme exenge
John Cartwright 2 weeks ago
Facebook adverts work well, you can target groups of people via age and other demographics and choose the area of the map you want to target the advert can be set to also advertise on instagram. making a tiktok video and youtube video would also help
Jason King 2 weeks ago
Seems like everyone is saying basically only online ideas. Which honestly duh!!! Common sense All I know is if I am scrolling through the channel guide on my cable and I see either 300 I usually always put it on. Which I believe a lot of people do. Now not knowing your budget but after a good fight scene in the movie buy commercial time and advertise then. I know for sure I would download load it because the movie already has me pumped and ready lol. Then if the game is good let all the Downloader spread it in previous suggestions for you and for free. Plus word of mouth. Although back to main question have no clue of your budget but I know that would be the best everything is advertised as the ways everyone suggested and people are so use to that, that we don't really even see those advertisements anymore or if we do we just think its some more bs game to take advantage of us.
Gabriel 2 weeks ago
I recommend google adwords because you will be able to promote to specific groups of people
Bradley charles 2 weeks ago
AdWords comes highly recommended :-) hope it helps good luck
Narges 2 weeks ago
Hi. Reddit and Quora Gaming and cryptocurrency communities are best are best, I guest. Just log in and type Gaming or cryptocurrency in the search bar. there will be a lot of threads you can talk about your service and product.
Samuel Matthew 2 weeks ago
Google ad is one of the best, you can start with that
Burak Koca 2 weeks ago
Sosyal medya reklamları her zaman işe yaramıştır önemli olan hedef kitleyi doğru seçebilmektir.
Miss Mike 2 weeks ago
In consequence of your unique concept, you need to supply your team first with both that it has both shareholder interest as well as coin holder in that any spending of the coin/blockchain advantage must be strengthened by the extra narrow pass-through advantage of the game history. Any shareholder advantage after that must be known by the informed advertiser that sales advantage is not of the advertiser's advantage. As that does have a great deal to say as to what kind of kind of effort they will make for or against you. Do you follow my thinking?
Miss Mike 2 weeks ago
I suggest Barrington Associates or their recommendations out of L. A.
Sercan 2 weeks ago
Youtube channel...
Andreescu Tudor 2 weeks ago
instagram, youtube ads, google ads, twitter, facebook
Ozenks 2 weeks ago
Anda bisa mengiklan kan di situs situs ptc
mak G 2 weeks ago
Facebook, YouTube, twitter and using google ads
Amos victor 2 weeks ago
Though Goggle or Facebook because almost everyone likes to browse.
kurt 2 weeks ago
I think this would be best advertised through Coinmarket cap and as they target the specific market your after :)
Daniel felipe Buitrago 2 weeks ago
try to get in touch with an influencer in your field of work who has a lot of people who will follow him/her and they can help you to promote your content along with their video.
Meraflor Lanugon 2 weeks ago
You can endorsed it to yt or tiktok much more users.
Meraflor Lanugon 2 weeks ago
You can endorsed it to yt or tiktok much more users.
Meraflor Lanugon 2 weeks ago
I recommend on speedtests websites, a lot users go in there also youtube wod be a great choice!
Abdul samet 2 weeks ago
Şuan gündemde en cok kullanılan sosyal medya siteleri olabilir film siteleri olabilir en iyiside güvenilir bahis siteleri olabilir
kenomic 2 weeks ago
Reddit I think is among the best ones to advertise. You just gotta be clever on your posts, and you can easily get thousands of early traffic on your first post
Çağatay Gül 2 weeks ago
Google Adsense Admob, Twitter Ve Forum Sayfaları
gotchernose 2 weeks ago
Have you considered advertising on Twitch or using a Twitch influencer? I think it would be a good fit given the roleplay aspect
Yeswanth 2 weeks ago
You can run a referral program, give discounts for the people who is bringing more number of referrals. Don't go for the ads without reaching half a million downloads. After you reach certain extent of users you can go for the ads then it would help you to spread your wings.
Jesse Lopez 2 weeks ago
I would say all of the above from social medias free/paid, advertising tools and maybe do some old school promoting with flyers and etc. Mainly try to post where people who like history, Ancient Greece, role play forums, etc. Make Sure to Use the HASH TAG.
ekrem 1 week ago
hemen hemen herkezin eğlenmek öğrenmek zaman geçirmek için girdiği youtube de reklam verebilirsiniz
Mehmet Kaycı 1 week ago
İnstagram, youtube channel. You can advertise on news sites.
Kumar Palli 1 week ago
In Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or more social media.
hakkı 1 week ago
TB 1 week ago
You can either post it on twitter, insta, or any other social media like YouTube. or you can go big at this site. but, it does cost money for this site. but not too much for an add google will display on similar searches.!o3~CjwKCAiA_9r_BRBZEiwAHZ_v17cOn2Q7zOFXfVGsXWVlD7v78A7aTCmC-ivRa4CyxT_cyVEqDib5VxoCxNwQAvD_BwE~76351054006~kwd-94527731~6466339383~445804224657&&gclid=CjwKCAiA_9r_BRBZEiwAHZ_v17cOn2Q7zOFXfVGsXWVlD7v78A7aTCmC-ivRa4CyxT_cyVEqDib5VxoCxNwQAvD_BwE
Kishawn 1 week ago
On YouTube it’s the most watched platform
Derick Brown 1 week ago
I honestly think Reddit would be the best.
Iris 1 week ago
Instagram + famous channels in telegram + google ads + youtune
Hasan Can 1 week ago
In our age, people are using social media very intensively.
An ad you post on Instagram is seen by millions of people.
Including youtube and tiktok. The more effective method is crypto currency review pages
Michael 1 week ago
Simply creat an account with these platforms for free and monetize your audience
Michael 1 week ago
As well you can use social media platforms, LinkedIn add, Google adds,and check out for this link for free traffic
Junaith 1 week ago
Set up an advertising account in reddit.
ty Miller 1 week ago
i would suggest starting on Twitter.

Twitter already has a large cryptocurrency user base & is also easy to spread news rapidly
olcay 1 week ago
Tiktok Youtube
nat 1 week ago
Instagram, Youtube Ads
Halil Çetin 1 week ago
tam adresindesin sanırım ..
Alzain Jacobs 1 week ago
I suggest facebook
Viktorija 1 week ago
you can put ads on instagram, twitter, youtube, facebook, and googles ads
Recep Erten 1 week ago
Make a deal with a game company and they can load it with your cryptocurrency while loading money into the game, then it will be shared and spread among the players.
Abdurrahman 1 week ago
Google ads. İnstagram, YouTube ve tiktok bu kanallarla çok fazla kitleye ulaşabilirsiniz. Güvenilir bir cüzdan platformına girip insanların alım satım yapabilmelerini sağlsmalısınız.
tarun 1 week ago
create Twitter, Facebook, Instagram pages and try to make socialize your website by tagging your page in these websites under cryptocurrency popular pages such that it will reach out to the people who are interested in cryptocurrency. secondly, identify the main or actual keywords in your website and making it socialize using google adsence and youtube
hela 1 week ago
You can advertise on facebook
Pinterest is also give u good results
Sergey Isakhanyan 1 week ago
The best place to place your ads are Facebook and Instagram.
juyee 1 week ago
Even on LinkedIn...
You can use Facebook ads to get enough people to be aware of your project and I would also recommend YouTube videos
Temitope Adediran Ogundipe 1 week ago
Use twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Target African countries their cryptocurrency adoption in very high at the moment.
Temitope Adediran Ogundipe 1 week ago
Use twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Target African countries their cryptocurrency adoption in very high at the moment.
Omdaaly 1 week ago
egypt would be the perfect country to advertise your product
RyanWuhoo 1 week ago
Probably, websites related to tech, social media platforms, other browsers.
RyanWuhoo 1 week ago
Probably, websites related to tech, social media platforms, other browsers.
Elxan 1 week ago
instagram,facebook,google market,TV,WK,youtube
Serhat 1 week ago
open an account on social media,
talk about attractive offers and Advertise on different social media accounts. bingo :)
Önemli 1 week ago
Instagram ve Twitter'da sponsorlu reklamlar verebilirsiniz. Ülkelerdeki önemli haber sitelerine paralı haber yaptırabilirsiniz.
Ryan Ferrini 1 week ago
youtube, twitch, soundcloud, ios games.
Jordan Clarke 1 week ago
Ads on Instagram are relatively cheap. I would also say use Facebook ads to target an older demographic, the ads in my experience are relatively cheap also.
Tarlan 1 week ago
Send mail to me. İ have awesome idea but i cant say here. Email me
Tabitha Van den Bergh 1 week ago
You could, depending on the advertising assets you want to create, advertise on various platforms. Definitely first try to find out where your target group resides online, so you do not advertise on platforms where your target group does not go (and avoid wasting marketing dollars).
- If you have a teaser video of your game, I would recommend using the teaser video on Social media such as Facebook and YouTube.
- I would personally also consider in-game advertising.
- Earlier suggested platforms like google ads could work, depending on how much competition you'll encounter with your keywords.
- I would also check out bitcoin sites and see if you can advertise on there as well.
- Find out if you can get some free publicity or influencer marketing by trying to get on popular and topic-related podcasts or mentions in youtube videos, or blogs.
Wendy 1 week ago
Advertise them on facebook, instagram, youtube and twitter.
bobby latest 1 week ago
i think the best site is clickbank..
ismail türkoğlu 1 week ago
sosyal medya kanallarında
Robayed Mahmud Rohan 1 week ago
Put adds to facebook and youtube. You can also tell YouTubers with many followers who loves cryptos to tell their followers to buy or gather Spartan.
kemal 1 week ago
witter, Youtube channel
[email protected] 1 week ago
Put it on heiß
Justyn Srock 1 week ago
twitter, facebook, youtube, discord, instagram, tik tok, google ads, you can make airdrops, you can make own affilate program
Justyn Srock 1 week ago
twitter, facebook, youtube, discord, instagram, tik tok, google ads, you can make airdrops, you can make own affilate program
Jufrizan Bin Sanusi 1 week ago
Just using the social platform dude, it free, fast and it a free world man
Lalit Garg 1 week ago
Google have a powerful traffic count. So, you should try google AdWords program
Ahmet Gökçe toprak 1 week ago
Youtube ve Instagram'da kesinlikle reklam vermelisiniz. Videolarınızın reklamını dikkatli bir şekilde yaparak izleyicilerinizi etkileyebilirsiniz
giorgi_1441 6 days ago
Serkan Aydın 6 days ago
Twitter ve instegram youtube tv reklamları
Danish Qadeer 5 days ago
U can advertised it by using social media plat forms like Facebook, YouTube, twitter through different and relevant ads
Talon Scharadin 4 days ago
Hello there, sweet idea for a crypto curreny plan. Personally, with such a strong name as Spartan, I fully recommend using online crypto forums with a very high traffic flow or web sites that are used so much that individuals notice Spartan and become subconsciously intrigued enough to indulge their own curiosity without realizing that they are helping spread "The Spartan existence with the Crypto world".
Elder 4 days ago
You can set up a group on WhatsApp with your friends and suggest that they pass it on to their contacts and pass it along like a pyramid. Share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, GoogleAds and you will soon have results.
hanifi 4 days ago
youtube ınstagram twitter
animous 3 days ago
O would link up with some other cryptocurrency organizations. Like phoenum has games. Network on twitter. You're going to have to have a good website and then do the influencer thing. Post about your developments multiple times a day... Especially during times when you get peak views. Use all social media networks. Literally. Get people interested. Marketing is everything
Mehdi12 3 days ago
There is a lot of web site where you can advertise your website and with just a little money. Exemple you can check adbtc it's a simple and legit and also many users work at it. And also you can use like4like, it's simple and free you collect point from checking wev site and doing a task and from this point you use it to advertising your website, there is a lot a way can help you to achieved your work. Especially the crypto web site.
Hope you like my comment.
Wajid Ali 3 days ago
I highly recomende you advertise on facebook. Best way to advertise people can easily check your product or etc.
Igotchu 3 days ago
Advert it through reddit
Deniz Durmus 2 days ago
Reddit Cryptocurrency Sub.

You may also use ads on google, as there is a another token called Spartan Protocol, so you may try to take advantage of that
Carlos 1 day ago
You can advertise your product on
Facebook, twitter, Instagram and youtube!
Serkan Colak 1 day ago
It should definitely be on crypto pages and apps. Apart from these, there may be applications such as youtube, Tiktok.
Adam Pipe 1 day ago
Given the role play aspect and limited units this is a very user targeted product. Advertising space on fantasy websites for Dungeons & Dragons, Warcraft and Game of Thrones.
Niraj 18 hours ago
pay the famous tiktok star to ad your business.... ad in tiktok... nowadays most people believe in tiktok... and tiktok stars are known more than the famous persons..
Wasabi 15 hours ago
google is the best place for that. And it will also be useful to share links under popular instagram and youtube channels.