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EnglishHow much is this Rolex worth?

Hi all, So below are some details that might help you find it, as I couldn't match it with the identical version that you see in the photo. STEELINOX 12 J 455 62523 H14 It was bought I think sometime in the 70s. It has some damage on the glass e.t.c If you can find me an identical with a price tag you will get the reward. Thanks

secmaster93 3 months ago
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enesmavis 3 months ago
maybe 100 usd
secmaster93 3 months ago
We are talking about Rolex, BRO.
Savage002 3 months ago
Here you go. This is probaly what you've been looking for.

It says sold but you'll get the price for it
secmaster93 3 months ago
Close enough, color is different and probably from another decade, serial.
Johnzi 3 months ago
As from $10,260
secmaster93 3 months ago
Where did you see that?
jaffihjones 3 months ago
Going for $19,176.11 on
secmaster93 3 months ago
Closest so far. Almost identical..
Miss Mike 3 months ago Correct
Good morning, first, don't even bother getting or finding a new one. Go to the official website and have a rolex dealer send back to the Swiss factory to get it refurbished. It is an early 'datejust' and should be handled by a company expediter. Don't allow anyone else to touch it. It is close to priceless in it's current state. Otherwise you will find anything else a scam.
secmaster93 3 months ago
Hi, I've just searched the term 'datejust' and it took me to this video . Really nice information. I agree with your advice, it might be better to get it straight to an official Rolex dealer for refurbish first where they will provide me also with the official paperwork.
notchu 3 months ago
going from 20$