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EnglishWhere can I find this back massager tool?

KonstantinosKostoulas 3 months ago

Lukario 3 months ago Correct
Amazon and Rogue Fitness... Here are the links

Amazon -

Rogue fitness -
danial_mm 3 months ago
hello my frend

you can use these 3 prices.
vuqar 3 months ago
shafz 3 months ago
heyyy u can find it on

faith 3 months ago
Miss Mike 3 months ago
I think it may behoove you to find the same type of instrument and much cheaper in your garage probably holding something to a hook to the wall or rafters. As a matter of fact, you could find something similar in your farm and ranch store or auto parts store, dear. Lots cheaper. Just saying.
Turkologia 3 months ago
sbl 3 months ago
A cheap version (less than 25 USD incl. shipping) is available here:
Mr.Amon 3 months ago
the prices are very affordable here.,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
larissa 3 months ago (can you send me bitcoin please)
markon 3 months ago
You can get it in Amazon in the link below.
Racer 3 months ago
Amazon -

Rogue fitness - -backnobber
sharanjan 3 months ago
in amazon,
Thabiso77 3 months ago
You can find it on
Chrinj 3 months ago
You can currently find it on Amazon for $29.95, It's not black, but it is cobalt blue.

You can also find it here at It costs $29.95, too and is available in cobalt blue, charcoal black, and magenta.