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EnglishIdentify this transformer robot for me

Got this toy as a present when I was in kindergarten. He must had been with the good guys. Who ever finds his name will get the reward. Thanks

kiwi 4 months ago
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anakha 4 months ago
jeep wrangler swindle
Nexxus1000 4 months ago
Hello you got there is a searchlight that is a quiet and withdrawn member of the Throttlebots.

Searchlight transforms into a Ford RS200 rally car with multiple molded headlamps.

Any ,ore help just ask
aadesh 4 months ago
Ekansh 4 months ago Correct
its GoldBug
kiwi 4 months ago
Hello, thanks for the link. Actually his name was Searchlight. The color was white originally but wore off with the years. It matches perfectly with the front. The reward is yours.
saifhu98 4 months ago
amberisme1 4 months ago